Guiding Business Transformations


Missteps are inevitable when implementing new processes and technologies across an enterprise. We try to mitigate the risks by proactively training our teams and recruiting expertise from experienced contractors, but even the most rigorous training and vendor selection programs can prove insufficient to ensure the right skills and focus in a project team.

BPM has proven to be an incredibly effective tool in driving improvements across all operational areas, and as such has experienced explosive adoption rates. This causes teams to skew towards less experience as more people are trained in the discipline and brought online to address the growing demand for services.

The issues that arise from inexperience and communications challenges are not insurmountable and generally require supplementation in the program leadership to audit progress and guide less experienced teams to adopt better practices proactively. We provide this augmentation in several defined focus areas

  • Architecture compliance audit
    • Ensure adherence to defined architecture
    • Validate ability of applications to meet business agility needs
    • Identify portability and upgrade risks in implementations
  • Best practice audit of implementations
    • Ensure BPMS product capabilities are leveraged effectively
    • Identify issues impacting maintainability and speed of solutions delivery
    • Catalogue business impact of technical challenges and workarounds
  • Coaching and training
    • Identify skills gaps within teams and develop training plans to address them
    • Conduct customized supplemental training of both business and technical teams
    • Define and document technical design and process patterns to best leverage BPMS product capabilities