Guiding Business Transformations


Technical knowledge is crucial to building a BPM solution on a commercial BPMS platform, however true success goes beyond technical facility. BPM implementations are really about aligning capabilities to objectives, monitoring and managing engagement, and enabling continuous improvement across all subject areas by empowering business users to accommodate change more effectively.

Our BPM solution delivery offerings focus on realizing these benefits by tailoring each engagement to match each organization’s unique requirements around the following:

  • Operations Optimization:
    • Ensure proactive SLA management in workflow to align with reporting objectives
    • Tailor monitoring features to spotlight key high-impact trends
    • Drive improved tracking and management of costs and revenues associated with business processes
  • Process Modeling:
    • Design and build processes to align with core business capabilities – simplify assignment of process ownership by stakeholder
    • Isolate and de-duplicate business rules to establish a common reference model for use across business processes
    • Implement robust security and authorization models to support and enable effective change management
  • Cultural Integration:
    • Enable gamification of business processes in more collaborative work environments
    • Build the right work assignment models leveraging skills, business unit affiliation, availability and a host of other factors
    • Create performance trending reports to clearly highlight star performers and identify mentoring opportunities
  • General Build Service:
    • General application build services to include BPMS configuration
    • Perform overall application performance tuning
    • Define and execute against test strategy to ensure adequate quality of deliverables