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PegaWorld 2015 – Live

Join us at PegaWorld 2015 in Orlando from June 7 – June 9 ! 09 June – 12:00 – had to cut things a bit short due to unforeseen circumstances 09 June – 09:00 – had a great breakfast chat with one of the Pega cloud team members around security and deployment improvements that seem […]

Managing Service Level Agreements

Often times when we begin work with an organization to recover a program, we find BPMS product capabilities are under utilized or incorrectly leveraged. This is particularly true of Service Level Agreement management capabilities, which are often considered as an afterthought and added to the process only when it is ‘finished’. A correctly implemented process […]

Avoiding The Value Trap – Will Global Delivery Work for You?

Over the past decade we have seen a tremendous uptake in moving work to lower cost delivery centers across many industry sectors. Our collective clients often correlates cost inversely with value, causing us to seek out providers with the lowest unit cost to drive down our own delivery costs to deliver on this perception. But […]

Benefits of a Continuous Improvement Approach

Focus on continuous improvement has been proven to yield results far more quickly than less iterative waterfall based delivery methodologies, but many programs still require more structured risk mitigation than agile delivery can provide. Agile is well suited to delivering and improving on business capabilities, however it falls somewhat short during execution in ensuring that […]

Veteran Value Cannot be Overestimated

The US Armed Forces is one of the largest employers in our country, instilling the values of team work, integrity, and accountability in each and every service member. Every member has maximized their understanding of these values by the time they separate from service because their very lives quite literally depend on that understanding. Building […]