Guiding Business Transformations


Who We Are

Beacon BPM Solutions is a US based business & technology consulting solution provider and wholly owned subsidiary of PSInd Llc. ( established in 1997) . We specialize in creating business solutions integrating Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. Our customers are able to drive increases in business agility, enhance customer loyalty, acquire new business and improve workforce productivity leveraging our solutions.

What We do

We identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency and client satisfaction to provide solutions that enable business transformation along these lines. We leverage the world’s best BPM software where possible and maximize leverage of current assets to extract hidden value from our clients’ asset pool.  We have subject matter experts who not only know your over all business but have worked side by side with you in the past. Our core team has experience across many business verticals, including Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and Transportation.

Value Proposition

We focus on delivering solutions leveraging teams that are structured to draw from real world experience, youthful creativity, and business / operational insight. These teams are culturally aligned with our clients because we staff from native personnel – US personnel – and our objective is to ensure we are all one team focused on achieving business objectives.

Our team is familiar with delivery in global models that have been positioned as a source of great potential value, but realize that value often remains locked up as ‘potential’. Offshore cultures have their own value systems – and often those values do not reward deep expertise. This can lead to churn and the resultant long hours to address revolving teams, productivity degradation and skills gap remediation. Even then success is not assured as there are challenges related to general communications involving accents and potential idiomatic disconnects. Sound familiar?

It should – a number of us worked under this model for years and we’ve witnessed this ourselves. Global initiatives can take on a life of their own when all parties are not accountable for business results – your business results. Offshore delivery often focuses on margin management and team utilization without the benefit of direct client accountability. Matrix management models often leave the offshore managers accountable only to the offshore executives who have operational objectives to manage margin while onshore executives manage client satisfaction.

The typical offshore management and delivery model can consequently yield results that are less than thrilling for business stakeholders, with decisions taken out of context to optimize delivery margin and not business results. In the US, we call it “the tail wagging the dog”… many offshore providers call it “business as usual”

What makes us Different?

At Beacon BPM Solutions our SME’s and thought leaders are on the same continent as you. You can see them, speak with them and even understand them. They’ve been educated at the same US universities you’ve attended, and they work the same long hours to support your business.

We staff our teams to get the work done – we don’t manipulate the team structure to meet unit cost targets at the expense of delivery. Can we provide or partner with a provider of lower cost “offshore” resources ? Absolutely – we can help identify and remediate any delivery gaps in a global delivery configuration before they severely impact project schedules. Our team of experts can assist you in proving concepts, creating a governance model, and / or establishing your Center of Excellence while your transformations are taking shape.

Also check out our social responsibility page to understand how we are doing more than talking the talk.