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PegaWorld 2015 – Live

Join us at PegaWorld 2015 in Orlando from June 7 – June 9 !

09 June – 12:00 – had to cut things a bit short due to unforeseen circumstances

09 June – 09:00 – had a great breakfast chat with one of the Pega cloud team members around security and deployment improvements that seem likely to spill over to benefit the enterprise given core product support added by necessity. As cloud adoption picks up I’m sure the team will raise more visibility to points that impact the initial experience and continue to drive improvements affecting all of us.

09 June – 07:30 – apparently people had a real good time last night – breakfast is pretty sparse an hour and a half before sessions start. Or maybe I’m just too much of an early riser.  

08 June – 23:00 – the customer appreciation event at universal was fantastic – a lot of happy faces and a lot of walking.

08 June – 15:30 – After lunch I took a brief break to catch up on a few things and returned for the Ask Pega session. Pega generally gives great commentary on product direction at this session, but a few attendees had technical support questions they really wanted answered.
08 June – 12 :00 – having attended Pegaworld since 2004, many of the breakouts appear to touch on points covered in the past with the exception of PegaExpress and Internet of Things. I opted for the Pega Express breakout, regretting a bit they were scheduled at the same time. Pega Express represents an interesting first for Pega and does a credible job of exposing enough workflow and data entry to introduce people to a few fundamental concepts around process, user experience and monitoring. The session ran short on time but I left thinking that real business applications beyond the most simple would still need trained teams to get integration and more complex inheritence concepts implemented at a minimum. Having said that, it’s a nice peak into the future on the kinds of changes we might expect moving forward.


08 June – 11:00 – After the break, Kerim demonstrated new features and tighter integration across omnichannel. The apple watch interface with access to health metrics was incorporated to good effect and Kerim’s video montage got a few chuckles – good demo.

08 June – 10:00 – Maine was able to implement changes across state agencies to significantly reduce case processing times using Pega cloud – illustrating growing cofidence in security, stability and scalability of external clouds. Amazon followed with a presentation on AWS to highlight the benefits of scale in terms of cost and scalability, maintaining over 1800 security standards.

08 June – 09:30 – cigna followed Alans address with a presentation illustrating how CRM / Pega can be used to transform an industry, putting clients in a position to drive their own engagemen. They are introducing more proactive engagement to improve health and drive down health care costs for their members and themselves.

08 June – 08:30 – Alan kept consistent with past keynotes highlighting Pega’s positioning in the space as a fully integrated single stack solution. The product positioning is skewing towards simplification in both building and running solutions with increased emphasis on cloud deployments. Pega express was announced, providing a more simplified means of engaging with prospective users as pega moves down market to address 5 times as many prospects as they currently address today.

07 June – 15:30 – It’s great to be back again this year – the Rosen Shingle Creek is arguably one of the best venues for PegaWorld and never disappoints. We’re looking forward to an interesting two days and hope to get a better pulse from the attendees on Pega 7 sdoption.

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